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Kavali is one of Municipalities in Nellore District In Andhrapradesh In India. Kavali consists of 18 Mandals and 307 Revenue Villages, 23 Notified Grama Panchayats and 293 Non notified Grama Panchayats. Kavali is place for Wholesale cloth business in Andhra Pradesh.Kavali is surrounded by Great Temples and many Tourist Places.

The name kavali derived from KanakaPatnam in Telugu means 'patrol' and KanakaPatnam means 'wealth will flow as per Potuluri Veera Bhramam garu (Father of Andhra Pradesh). In 1515 The famous King Harihara rayulu Udayagiri Raja lived at this town for some time.

A Great Temple in Kavali is Kalugollamma Temple. This Temple have a wonderful history. This temple is built with a unique rock called Bontha Raayi found only in this region, which makes kavali a unique town in Andhra Pradesh.

Many Famous persons was born in Kavali.







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